Know Your Rights For Renting in Savannah, GA

Renters rights in Savannah, GA

Because we are changing the renting game together, we polled Hooga renters for times when tenants had to stand up for their rights. We gathered the information here for you about knowing your rights when renting in Savannah. Today we’ll go through the national context, Georgia Landlord-Tenant Law, and where to start if you have an issue.

  • The National Context: The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the place to start. Renters rights vary from state to state, yet there are some standards that apply everywhere, such as the right to discrimination-free housing under the Fair Housing Act. Here’s a link to their rental kit. But since each state has their own detailed information maintained regularly. Let’s dive into renters rights in Georgia, because that’s your go-to when knowing your rights when renting in Savannah, GA.

  • If You Have an Issue: Do as much research as you can using the resources available to you. Be proactive using guidelines we provide, especially when it comes to when you move in and how to be a good tenant. The National HUD website recommends for rental housing basics. Stay tuned for more detailed information, and congratulations for taking the first step in knowing your rights as a renter.

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