How to Be a Good Neighbor in Savannah

Welcome to the Hooga guide about how to be a good neighbor. We’ve polled renters and neighbors around the world to bring you this distillation of wisdom about how to be a good neighbor when you are renting in Savannah, or anywhere else for that matter!

Before going over the three easy steps that will help you to be a good neighbor, let’s focus on self-awareness about the noise we make. We learned when we were young about a “bubble” of personal space that everyone occupies. Our bubble is not just physical space, but also the sights, sounds and smells that influence us. When you want to be a good neighbor, start by becoming aware of the noise you make, and keep it reasonable. Then follow the three steps below...

  • Step 1: Introduce Yourself. Before you do, make up your mind that you are going to remember your neighbor’s name(s). Do whatever you have to do. Write it down, associate it with a rhyme or someone else you know from real life or history or pop culture. We’ve even heard to visualize their name written on their head in ketchup or mustard. Strange, but we like it just as much as we like our friend who remembers everyone’s name, and does it by keeping a note on her phone with the names of people from all over. It works!

  • Step 2: Say, Hello <Insert Neighbor’s Name>. If you haven’t yet perused one of the top 10 most useful books of all time, check out How to Win Friends and Influence People. In that book, author Dale Carnegie writes that “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in every language.“ Remembering your neighbor’s name is a GREAT second step when you want to be a good neighbor.

  • Step 3: Be Sensitive to Social Cues, and Share. When you’ve gotten on a first name basis with your neighbor(s), be sensitive to their social cues. If it seems like they want to chat more, and you also want to talk, awesome! Let your relationship develop naturally. If you have some extra food, why not offer it? Bake cookies? That’s a classic. If you’re looking for some good television, Mr. Rogers got it right.

  • Step 4: Be Helpful. When you live in a transitional city such as Savannah, many people that you meet are not originally from the area, and may not know as much about the city as you do. Help them out! Recommend your favorite restaurant, or share where is the best place to get new tires, or anything that might make your neighbor’s search a little easier. In turn, you will find that they also have your back when you need it, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want good people on their team?

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