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Where you live should feel like home.

Hooga SAV was born from an idea that renting should not be a challenge. With resources for renters like landlord and property manager reviews, premium listings, saved rental applications for easy access, and a database of renter resources, and references on hand for all potential renters, there will be no uncertainty when choosing a new apartment, or selecting a new tenant. We are currently in the first phase: Creating the Database and Populating Renter Resources.

Please contribute reviews of any and all landlords and property managers that you have rented from while living in Savannah, Georgia. Even if you don’t live in Savannah any longer, please share any information you might have to help future renters and help build this community stronger.

We need a minimum of 200 reviews before we will make the database accessible to the public.


Hooga Future plans

Phase two:

Landlord/Property Manager review database

Renter resources

Phase Three:

Premium rental listings

Application review for landlords/property managers

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Are you a business that would like to work with renters, property managers or landlords? This ad space is for you! We want to highlight vendors who help make the renting experience easier. Renter insurance carriers, pet insurance, moving companies, legal help, cleaning services, junk removal—we want your info here! Contact us to find out how you can have your name listed as one of our recommended vendors!



This form will take approximately three minutes to fill out if you have all the info handy.

Three minutes in 2019 is a commitment, We know. we appreciate you committing to helping improve the savannah renting community.

Renting can be tough. Let’s help each other out. Leave a review of your landlord or property management company. Just give us the facts though. We don’t want to get sued.*

We are in the early stages of building this database. We will update you periodically as we get closer to launching our full website. Thanks so much for being an early contributor!

*Disclaimer: All reviews will be vetted before being made public. Slanderous and defamatory reviews will not be posted.


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Your Name
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Address of the property you rented
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Were the amenities as advertised? ie: Washer and dryer were included/Lawn maintenance was taken care of/Parking spot was available/etc.
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Tell us a story…

Tell us your most entertaining / horrible / heroic / maddening landlord story.

We want to share these stories, but we promise to follow up with you for your full permission before anything is posted and we also plan to keep them anonymous.

You can also use this form to contact us to tell us what offerings you might like to see in the future on Hooga, or to just say hello! We’d love to hear from you!

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